Vera and Alexandra have launched The Melliflows, a side-label of their Melliflow project.

Melliflow, launched in 2016 with a well-received Spacetravel EP, has since featured releases from Z@P, Binh (as DJ Nnamreg), VRAC, and more—becoming a well-known name in the minimal scene. Up next, after eight strong releases, is The Melliflows, a side-label aimed at showcasing and presenting new artists in a TV programme-like release format.

The first release, Season 1 Episode 1, comes in the form of a four-track 12″ from Uruguay’s Fede Litjmaer and follows on the heels of his breakthrough El Milagro release late last year.


A1. Reviviendo Inspiracion
A2. Catarsis
B1. Brillo Interno
B2. Gracias

Season 1 Episode 1 will land on January 28, with a teaser video by Maayan Nidam streaming above.