In 1999, Metro Area shook up a flaccid house music scene with the release of “Atmosphrique,” the first of several influential singles created by New Jersey producers Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani. Likewise, Metro Area’s 2002 self-titled album was a critic’s favorite and widely considered a club classic.

The duo made in impression by combining classic disco, boogie, and soul elements with a contemporary techno and house feel. Metro Area releases are credited with sparking a renewed interest in the ’80s Italo-disco genre and ushering in house music’s “edits” phase.

Now, Geist and Jesrani have announced their first single in two years, “Metro Area 7” (Environ). The new 12″ includes the duo’s first true vocal track (“Read My Mind”), featuring Danish singer Philip Owusu of Ubiquity Records’ Owusu & Hannibal. Fans can preview two-minute versions of “Metro Area 7” at the group’s Blogbite page, which includes MP3s, one sheet information, and 12″ artwork.

“Metro Area 7” is available now at iTunes, with an exclusive instrumental version of “Read My Mind”