Mexico City label Antimateria Sonora has launched with a 29-track free compilation of ambient, drone, sound design, and experimental. 

Antimateria Sonora Compilado 001 is available now, and was created with the intention of giving exposure to the work that local friends, artists, and producers keep for themselves, and also to push them on the exploration of new sounds and ways of creation. It lands first on digital and later on a limited cassette.

The audio-visual experience plays an important role around the exposure of each track. The label has worked with a group of visual artists from different disciplines to produce a video for each song. Some of the pieces feature visual work by their own producers, like the first track of the compilation, ​”2031″​ by Chilean ​nerBIOS​, below. Esstro 9, ZE TA, Ncrptd.dscrptd, Krystel Rascón, Irma Ruiseñor, and Rodrigo Garzón are also doing this. 

Artists included on the compilation are Adeller, ASS, Beastie C, Bioluminik, Cautiverio, CNDSD, Derrumbe, Dj Fucci, Dvrvnt, EMBA Soundsystem, Eric Uh, Hypnosoft, Idea Asimétrica, Impvlso, Jorge Rodrigo, José Soberanes, KOI, Naerlot, nerBIOS, P0110, Poeta Ruido, Rawdell, Red Boy, Ruido, Seagit Arc, Soos, Shakiro Nil, Tahres One, Testosterone, Yomi, and 2678262.

Antimateria Sonora is founded by Emilio Ancira, Benjamín Ocaranza, and Diego Hernández Torres. 

Antimateria Sonora Compilado 001 is available now, with full tracklisting and order here, and a full stream below.