Ana López Reyes will release her debut album as Nnux, titled Ciudad.

Reyes, a Mexican producer, composer, and keyboard player, wrote Ciudad during the last months of 2018 and early 2019 while living in New York. Across eight tracks, she blends synthesizers, beats, processed voice samples, ethereal vocals, and Mexican folk elements into compositions influenced by experimental music, electronic music, and pop. It captures a nostalgia for her hometown of Mexico City and the emotion of dealing with the absence of a loved one after a loss.

In 2017, Reyes put out Distancia, with music for brass and electronics. Her work is based on the digital processing of sound samples from field recordings, voices, and acoustic instruments, as well as beat-making and the use of synthesizers. She creates music that aims to be emotional and vulnerable while still being experimental and imaginative.


01. Piezas
02. Parte 1: Y tu ausencia no es la muerte
03. Calles
04. Ciudad
05. Salida
06. Y aun así
07. Pasos
08. Parte 2: No se morirá el quererte

Ciudad LP is scheduled for March 20 digital release via Mexico City-based label VAA. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the record here, and stream “Piezas” in full below.

Cover image by LVSTVCRV (a.k.a Martha Maya)