Jóse A. Rodriguez will release his third album as Shax via Mexico City’s Hole Records next month, titled Snacks.

Rodriguez, a Mexican-based multi-instrumentalist, is known for his constantly evolving sound which ranges from slow instrumental pieces to chaotic electronic mantras. He began making music in 2005 before realising his first Shax EP in December 2012, Facts. He followed this up in 2016 with his first album, Death Rock, and his EP Codex Skhediasma.  

The Shax project is based on an idea of “personal musicology,” meaning that Rodriguez is always trying to blend his life experience with the sounds that surround him. In 2017, just after competing his second album, 1830-2050 (Man & The Sea), he began working on a series of different musical concepts and from these experiments the first tracks of Snacks were born. He expanded these ideas for two years before realising Snacks, a full body of work that expresses Rodriguez’ electronic side but with dashes of ambient, breakbeat, brain-dance, and even pop-rock. 

Hole Records is an independent cassette music label and concert promoter based in Mexico City.  


01. Intro

02. The Water Is Wholly Drunk

03. Foundation

04. Wabi Sabi

05. The Post-Humane Life Cycle

06. A Freak Act Of God

07. They Lurk Under My Skin

08. Gold

09. My Glow

10. Pandæmonium 

Snacks LP lands May 15 via Hole Records, with “The Post-Humane Life Cycle” streaming below.