Pablo Betas will return to Infinite Machine with Donde Hubo Fuego, his debut album as Bungalovv.

Donde Hubo Fuego is the Buenos Aires-born producer’s second outing on the Mexican label, following 2017’s Luz Mala EP. It sees him pulling inspiration from a diverse appetite comprised of dembow, dancehall, obscure club experiments, and animalistic synthesis, creating an album that is “beautifully balanced, humanised, mechanical, and elegant,” the label explains. Bungalovv also utilises foley recordings extensively across the 10 tracks.

Currently residing in Berlin, Germany, Bungalovv is a founding member of TRRUENO, a collective and label born in Buenos Aires, united by new technologies as a means to expand the spectrum of aesthetic possibilities in electronic, experimental, performance, and audiovisual scenes.

The release follows SWAN MEAT’S FLESHWORLD on Infinite Machine.


01. Bandera Robada
02. A quema ropa
03. Baldíos
04. Desatanudos
05. Urutau
06. Acid Arrows
07. Soil Taste
08. Entre Chatarra
09. Fixing A Crossbow
10. You Don’t Need A Soul to be Human

Donde Hubo Fuego LP is out on March 27. Meanwhile, you can stream “A quema ropa” below and pre-order the album here.

Artwork by David Streleck