Infinite Machine will present Xenial, a new EP from by Cura Machines.

Cura Machines is the latest pseudonym of composer, producer, and sound designer Daniel Lea, who has previously released two albums as L A N D on Important Records: Night Within (2012) and ANOXIA (2016). He has also collaborated with artists such as David Sylvian, Yair Elazar Glotman, and Ben Frost, who mixes the record.

Xenial is a ghostly collection of overwhelming aural environments embodied in three soundtrack-like compositions. The EP embraces vast layers of clanging noises and cybernetic percussions, dissolving in sharp synthesizers and soaring harmonies. Disseminated traces of human voices, integrateD into a sea of desolated soundscapes, compose a “nearly symphonic work” that “highlights for its incisive and intricate production,” we’re told.

It’s mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios, and it features Roberta Jean’s voice on “Xenial,” plus Beth Kellough on strings and sound design. Rupert Clervaux adds drums on “Immutable.”

Xenial is Infinite Machine’s 80th release, following outings from Galtier and Benfika.


01. Impossible
02. Immutable
03. Xenial

Xenial is available on August 27 on tape and digitally. Meanwhile, you can stream “Impossible” below and pre-order here.