Photo | Robb Klassen

Jorge Gamboa Patrón will join Los Angeles’ Dome of Doom with Vagamundo, his ninth album.

Vagamundo is the Mexican singer-songwriter’s first album since 2017’s Aire, and it finds him deviating from the lush multi-instrumental arrangements that account for a majority of his recorded output. He performs the record on a favorite spanish guitar, onced owned by Paco de Lucía.

The record stems from a life-changing experience battling a terminal illness in 2015, and it was captured during the recovery process.

“After a second chance of being alive, when a liver transplant I received in 2015 saved me from succumbing to a terminal illness, I spent the time of my recovery absolutely immersed in finding a real concept of what is life all about,” Gamboa Patrón explains. “So every morning I used to write poetry, thoughts of appreciation, and started to convert those thoughts into songs.”

The majority of his writings have been about histories of love, but on this album he started to work with deep messages pertaining to his own existence as another source for the lyrics.

Born in Mérida, Yucatán and residing in Los Angeles, Gamboa Patrón’s professional career releasing music under his name began in 1982. He’s since composed more than 350 unpublished and published songs, mainly using the guitar and the piano as his tools.


01. Sembrando Amor
02. Vagamundo
03. Yo Lo Sabemos
04. Coqueta
05. Distancia Y Ausencia
06. No
07. Almas
08. Quién Las Entiende
09. La Locura Es Una Fortuna
10. Rebozo

Vagamundo LP is scheduled for November 20 release. Meanwhile, you can stream the title-track below, and pre-order the release here.