Leslie Garcia (a.k.a Microhm) will release Inmaterial Energy Waves, a 25-minute ambient mixtape, via Voragine tomorrow. 

Voragine, an emerging label based in Mexico City, reached out to Garcia for a collaboration and she chose to deliver a live set of sounds and layers juxtaposed to create a dense and abrasive atmosphere. 

Garcia describes it as a “type of ambient that was not created from a place of calm but rather from a space emotional density, restlessness, and nonconformity.” It’s aimed at exorcising negative energies and is supposed to free the listener from anxiety. 

Garcia is an experimental artist known for her work in media arts as part of the collectives Interspecifics and Astrovandalistas. Last month, she shared Espectral, her second album as Microhm on Static Discos.


01. Inmaterial Energy Waves  

Inmaterial Energy Waves lands digitally on May 14 via Voragine, with a full stream exclusively here