Up next on Mexico’s Umor Rex is an album from Sol Oosel.

Sol Oosel is the music project of Mexican artist Gustavo Mauricio Hernandez. With En allégeance à l’inconnaissable—Une étude en chorégraphie pour le flux d’énergie, he presents an album with a complex mixture of tones and structures, “striking a close relation between a sort of devotional music and a trancelike state,” the label explains.

The album is intended as a musical aid for visualizing the ability to dance with and manipulate attainable flows of energy. It was largely produced using modular synthesizers and the Roland SH-09, and “stretches beyond the fields of ambient music, adding a special sense of drama to this psychoactive journey,” Umor Rex adds. Each song is said to be “built around solid structures and infused with a mystical atmosphere.”

This is Hernandez’ debut on Umor Rex. He previously self-released the album Janus, and was member of several bands and projects before focusing on Sol Oosel. He lives in the rural village of Tepoztlán, México, where he works as an artist, performer, sculptor, sonic landscaper, and dancer.

This album is being released in limited edition crystal clear colored vinyl LP and digitally. The digital version includes a remixed version of “Temple Of Names” by Umor Rex’ longtime friend and collaborator James Place.


01. In Allegiance To The Unknowable
02. The Remains Of Earlier Temples
03. Fare Il Proprio (Autres Directions)
04. Notre Soulèvement
05. North Wind Through The Gates Of Hearing
06. Asymmetrical Harmony And The Dissolution Of Reality
07. Here (Au Bord De L’Univers)
08. Temple Of Names
09. Attunement For A Thunderstorm
10. Temple Of Names (James Place remix—digital bonus track)

En allégeance à l’inconnaissable—Une étude en chorégraphie pour le flux d’énergie LP is out October 25, with “Attunement For A Thunderstorm” streaming below, and pre-order here.