Detroit native Manuel Gonzales (aka MGUN) has announced the release of his debut album landing via Don’t Be Afraid in April of this year. Named Gentium, the album was recorded between 2007 and 2010 and consists of eight tracks in total.

As reported by Juno Plus, most tracks on the LP “were recorded on cassette then digitized on a Windows millennium edition PC” according to Gonzales. He goes into further detail by saying that the rest of the tracks “were produced in my current home studio” with “hardly any multi-tracking involved.”

You can preview upcoming album track “NVR” on the player, below.


A1 Pok
A2 Half Past 3
B1 Don’t Hurt Yoself
B2 Past Due
C1 Bed & Breakfast
D1 Veyra
D2 Nobs

Gentium will land via Don’t Be Afraid on April 1, 2016.