Miami producer Nick León will release Aguacero, a new EP on Mexico’s N.A.A.F.I.

With its heavy percussion and tropical rhythms, Aguacero is a reflection on a city in flux. It blends organic sounds with the digital tools of electronic music, and encapsulates the growing anxiety in a city threatened by the things that help make it beautiful—the ocean, the heat, and the cranes in the sky.

“If artists from Miami’s past have helped teach the world to dance to thumping bass until the early morning, Nick León’s latest project invites the world to dance through the impending storm of uncertainty ushered in by climate change,” the label explains. We’re told that there is a “slick defiance” in Aguacero’s composition, “a nod to the sense of nihilism we all feel as the world around us feels increasingly treacherous.”

León has produced for South Florida hip-hop heavyweights and UK artist Gaika, and now he’s expanding to the club setting.


01. Rayo
02. Aguacero
03. Iguana Network
04. Grillo
05. Pelican Dub (extended) ft. Lila Tirando a Violeta
06. Tormenta
07. Grillo (Zutzut remix)

Aguacero EP is out digitally on June 5. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream the title cut below.