Lone will mix the next installment of !K7‘s DJ-Kicks series.

10 years after his first release, UK artist Lone is putting out his first ever commercial mix CD. His entry into the celebrated DJ-Kicks series lands on September 29 and features four of his own new and exclusive tracks.

Born Matt Cutler and raised in Nottingham, Lone has emerged as a standout artist over the last decade. Starting out making hip-hop, he has evolved with each new release. Yet whether making house, breakbeat or jungle, his music always remains identifiable thanks to its bright melodic colors. As well as running his own Magicwire label—home to early albums like Emerald Fantasy Tracks and recent music from Ross From Friends, who features here, and Project Pablo—he has also released on Werk Discs and Dekmantel. Over the course of three full lengths since 2012, though, he has also become an essential artist in the modern R&S family.

This mix represents Lone as a producer: it starts out with the hip-hop of his roots, then moves through some of the music of his childhood and on to a range of his enduring influences. Along the way, he stitches in his own newly produced sounds. “I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone with this, he says. “I’m so used to programming my own material on my own albums, that’s sort of how I approached this one.” Purposefully mixed in “a loose, rough way” in his living room on a pair of CDJs, the idea was to make listeners feel like there were in there with him. It’s designed for dreamy late night listening, or intimate headphone sessions, and “plays out a bit like a weird midnight radio show: it’s purposefully all over the place, dreamy and trippy, so you can zone in and out.”


01. Casino Versus Japan “Go HawaiI”
02. Heralds Of Change “Spotted”
03. Lone “Brooklyn Banks”
04. Camu Tao “Hold The Floor”
05. Lootpack “Hityawitdat”
06. Lone “Cali Drought”
07. Lone “Alpha Wheel 4” (Ambient Mix)
08. Boards of Canada “Orange Romeda”
09. Gnork “U”
10. John Beltran (presents Nostalgic) “Placid Angels”
11. Lone “Arc”
12. E. Myers “Untitled” (Main Mix)
13. Protect-U “Double Rainbow”
14. Lone “Saturday Night” (DJ-Kicks)
15. Ross From Friends “The Outsiders”
16. Drexciya “Bubble Metropolis”
17. Balil “Choke And Fly”
18. Radiohead “Worrywort”

Vinyl Sampler

A1. Casino Versus Japan “Go Hawaii”
A2. Heralds of Change “Spotted”
A3. Camu Tao “Hold The Floor”
B1. Lone “Brooklyn Banks”
B2. Boards of Canada “Orange Romeda”
B3. Radiohead “Worrywort”
C1. Gnork “U”
C2. John Beltran “Placid Angels”
D1. Lone “Saturday Night” (DJ-Kicks)
D2. Balil “Choke And Fly”

A1. Lone “Saturday Night” (DJ-Kicks)
B1. Lone “Arc”
B2. Lone “Alpha Wheel 4” (Ambient Mix)

Lone’s DJ-Kicks is scheduled for September 29 release.