Nearly seven years after his debut album landed on Ghostly International, Adrian Yin Michna (who produces under his last name only) has revealed details of his sophomore LP, Thousand Thursday. The Brooklyn-based artist has reportedly kept busy producing music for video games, commercials, and films in the the years following that first outing, with his forthcoming effort described simply as “a celebration of the producer’s love for vibrant electronic music, bothering very little with conceptual or contextual baggage.” Across its ten tracks, Thousand Thursday distills a wide range of influences—from the ravey breakbeats of London in the mid-’90s to hip-hop and classic house—while integrating snippets from many years-worth of found sounds and field recordings.

Before Thousand Thursday drops via Ghostly on February 3, the album’s first single—”She Exists in my Mind”—can be heard below, where we’ve also included a full tracklist.

01. Cherry 2000
02. Solid Gold (feat. MNDR)
03. Nuroq Legacy
04. Time Will Tell
05. Jace The Mind Sculptor
06. Increasing Ambition
07. Believe in It Pt. II
08. She Exists in ny Mind
09. Skyway T/A
10. Death Pits of Rath