!K7 will release Le Renard Bleu, a new composition by Midori Takada in collaboration with Lafawndah.

Le Renard Bleu is the first new music released by the Japanese ambient artist in nearly twenty years and draws inspiration from a mystical blue fox that appears in both ancient Senegalese and Japanese folktales. Takada originally composed the piece, charting the “spirit animal’s journeys through waterphone, bells, marimba, and various forms of drums,” before enlisting Lafawndah for melodies and lyrics—the duo eventually met in Tokyo at Avaco Creative Studios, where new elements were composed on site.

The composition inspired and soundtracks a film for Kenzo, directed by Partel Oliva, who imagined a contemporary cinematic frame for the myth of the fox. Filmed in Tokyo, the piece also features Los Angeles krump artist Qwenga as the eponymous fox.

You can stream the film below, with the release available here.