Celebrating the imprint’s 10th anniversary, Mike Dehnert will return to his own Fachwerk label with a new full-length LP, titled Providing Home.

The release follows on from a striking 12” on DJ Koze’s Pampa at the end of 2016, and sees Dehnert explore “new territory with a restrained and subtle sound,” according to the label. “This thoughtful record,” the label continues, “takes elements of modern pop music and extrapolates them with a patience rarely found within the genre itself.”


01. Intro
02. Between No Words
03. Want Be
04. Providing Home
05. Up
06. No Time
07. Providing Home 2
08. Starground
09. Komposit
10. Laxwax
11. Outro

Providing Home LP is scheduled for June 19 release, with “Up” streamable below.