The multi-talented Norweigan songwriter/painter/illustrator Milenasong first garnered attention when Monika Enterprise picked up her 10″ “Can’t Tape Forever,” and finally the debut album for this renaissance woman is set to follow.

Milenasong is hardly bashful about her ability to juggle multiple instruments and musical styles on Seven Sisters. She’ll drift from minimal acoustics and drums to traditionally structured songs accompanied by woodwinds and harmonies with disturbing ease, before veering into psychedelic experiments featuring bleeps and warped vocals. Fans of all things eclectic, take note, and don’t forget to check out her visual artistry on her website.

Seven Sisters is out February 6, 2007 on Monika Enterprise.

1. Sara
2. Casey On Fire
3. Thirty
4. Nightlost Trains
5. Lily Wyatt
6. Something Else
7. Love Feel You Do
8. Figs Tree
9. How Ode
10. Seventeentwentysix
11. Standby
12. All This Beautiful Light