DJ, producer, and Comatonse label owner Terre Thaemlitz (a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles, pictured above) recently brought to light an important and unexpected issue involving the online sale of music through major storefronts like iTunes, Beatport, and Juno. Apparently, Thaemlitz came upon the back catalog of his old label, Mille Plateaux, which includes large amounts of his and other producers’ music, being sold on Beatport. This prompted the award-winning artist to pen an open letter to the press on July 31, saying in part, “…none of the original Mille Plateaux catalog is authorized for digital distribution, all contracts have since expired, and exclusive rights have returned to the original artists long ago. This includes both solo albums and compilation tracks. (The only legitimate Mille Plateaux downloads would be very recent projects released under the Mille Plateaux label name since it has been owned by Marcus Gabler [c .2008-present], which have nothing to do with the original Mille Plateaux catalog and are only related in label name). No matter how well reputed the stores selling the music may be, listeners should be aware that all such content is unauthorized, and we artists do not receive any money from their sale. The consumers’ money is going to crooks – usually industry-related – who illegally and deliberately upload the materials solely for profit.” Since writing the letter, Beatport has expressed that they are taking the matter seriously and investigating the origins of the illegal music, and online music distributor IODA (who was suspect as the provider of the illicit materials) has shown proof that the music did not come from them. To read Thaemlitz’s entire letter and keep up on the developing story, head here.