Belgian artist Milo Spykers is up next on Amelie Lens’ LENSKE imprint. 

Infinite, a four-tracker, is Spykers’ debut EP. We’re told to expect a collection of “4×4 bangers that leave no ambiguity about their intent.”  He says the tracks were largely a result of his fascination with the mixing process and analogue gear’s “variable and slightly more unstable properties” and are informed by his early experiences at Fuse in Brussels, Kompass Klub in Ghent, and the occasional trip to Berlin. 

LENSKE is born out of Lens’ collaborations with Farrago and conceptualised as an incubator for emergent talents in the darker arts of techno production. Previous contributions have come from Lens, Farrago, and Kobosil. 


A1 / 1. Infinite

A2 / 2. No Relation 

B1 / 3. Zenith

B2 / 4. Incandenza

Infinite EP will land on September 21, with the title track streaming below.