Minimal Violence will release their debut album, InDreams, next month. 

The album follows records for some of Vancouver’s best-known labels, like 1080p and Genero, as well as Lobster Theremin. They debuted on Technicolour last year with MVX / U41A. We’re told to expect a “start-to-finish, full-throttle ride through raw, high energy techno,” and that the  album bottles up the duo’s livewire, punk energy into its most concentrated form yet. 

Lead album track, “InDreams,” released today, is in-keeping with this energy and rawness. It comes with two alternative versions: a remix from producer Cardopusher and a special “InDreams x URO (MV Powermoves Megamix).” 


01. Untitled Dream Sequence

02. L.A.P

03. June Anthem

04. New Hard Catch

05. Persuasive Behaviour

06. InDreams 

07. Virus Prophecy

08. D.TRX

09. Last One at the Rave

InDreams lands April 26 via Technicolour, with “InDreams” streaming below.