Minor Science will release a new EP on AD 93.

064, a two-tracker of beats, bass, and pitched-up samples, arrives three years on from Minor Science’s debut album, Second Language.

Inspired by several years of hard hustle, its two tracks—”Workahol” and “Casheine”—mash up hardcore, electro, and booty bass “to offer (over)stimulation for crisis-era dancefloors,” we’re told.

Minor Science is the alias of Angus Finlayson, who has previously released three EPs on AD 93, formerly known as Whities, plus his album—a kaleidoscope of tempos and intensities that fizzes with detail and is euphoric in places but frequently blue in mood.


01. Workahol
02. Casheine

064 EP will be released on May 5. Meanwhile, you can stream “Workahol” in full via the player here.