Two institutions of the current West Coast house scene, Portland’s Miracles Club (pictured above) and San Francsico’s Honey Soundsystem crew, have announced they will join forces for a three-day tour up and down the West Coast. But that’s not all; each party-starting outfit also has its own side project to unveil on this excursion. Miracles Club will showcase Emotion II Emotion, a “vintage-house” project with vocalist Ryann, and Honey Soundsystem resident DJ Robert Yang will be performing “behind a wall of vintage synths and analog drum machines” as Robot Hustle. You can check out the full details of the Spring XTC Tour 2012 below.

5/9 @ 222 Hyde – San Francisco, CA w/ Honey Soundsystem DJs, Miracles Club, Robot Hustle
5/11 @ Holocene – Portland, OR w/ Honey Soundystem DJs, Miracles Club DJs, Emotion II Emotion, Robot Hustle
5/13 @ The Cuff – Seattle, WA w/ Honey Soundsystem DJs, Miracles Club, Robot Hustle, DJ Nark