The label arm of reputable Brooklyn party Mister Saturday Night will release a new EP later this month from young French producer Nathan Ifergan (a.k.a. Melja). As the story goes, Ifergan became familiar with the label (whose co-heads, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, delivered an impressive XLR8R podcast earlier this year) while perusing the selections at Brooklyn shop Co-Op 87, a store we featured during our recent Record Store Week. After being inspired by what he heard from the label, Ifergan then “made three jams that fit perfectly into the party,” though the press release does go on to point out that the budding French talent is actually too young to attend the Mister Saturday Night parties.

Titled the Steady Mobbin’ EP, Melja’s debut for the label is set to land on September 22. Before then, the three-track effort can be previewed below.