Mitú‘s third studio album, Cosmus, will drop on ZZK Records on August 25.

Mitú is the Colombian duo of Julian Salazar, ex-guitarist of Bogota’s psychedelic cumbia band Bomba Estereo, and Franklin Tejedor, a Palenque percussionist. The new LP will be the first release since 2015’s Siempre EP, following their two previous LPs, Balnear and Potro, released in 2014 and 2012, respectively. Comparatively to those two previous LPs, which we recorded in a relatively short time frame, Cosmus found the band taking their time and putting greater emphasis on the recording process, rather than focusing post-production. This gives the album a raw, live feel, transporting the listener more directly to the sound environment’s created by the band and the live experience—the album is also almost totally electronic, recorded with the intention of being performed live in its entirety.

Ahead of the August 25 release, you can pre-order Cosmushere, with the new single streaming via the player above.