MJ Guider will release a new album through Kranky on September 18.

Sour Cherry Bell is Melissa Guion’s second album following 2016’s Precious Systems, also on Kranky. We’re told that it retains the same glassy gauze, but shaded starker and darker, framed by mechanical rhythms and humid industrial moods.

Guion tracked the record between her New Orleans, Louisiana home and rehearsal space. The songs sway between twilit shoegaze, downer ballads, and gothic pop, mapping a delicate palette of electric melancholies.

Speaking about the tools behind the album, Guion explains: “I was curious to see how far I could go with them, even if that meant reaching the ends of their capacity to do what I wanted. But I never exhausted them and they never exhausted me.”


01. Lowlight
02. The Steelyard
03. FM Secure
04. Cherry Bell Blacktop
05. Body Optics
06. Quiet Time
07. Simulus
08. Perfect Interference
09. Sourbell
10. Petrechoria

Sour Cherry Bell LP is out on September 18. Meanwhile, you can stream “FM Secure” below, and pre-order the album here.