This probably won’t be a surprise to just about anyone, but we here at XLR8R aren’t big fans of Lana Del Rey. That said, we’ve been perfectly content to ignore her up until now, even when her songs have been remixed by artists we do like, such as Joy Orbison and Balam Acab. Then came today’s announcement that the young singer (and we use that term in the absolute loosest sense of the word) has been remixed by house and garage legend MK (pictured above). On the surface, it’s an intriguing proposition, as MK’s storied discography includes successful dancefloor transformations of a number of ultra-pop acts, including mom-friendly artists such as Bette Midler and Celine Dion. Surely, a good remix of Lana Del Rey wasn’t completely out of the question. Apparently though, even MK has his limitations.

His take on “Blue Jeans” is streaming below, and to our ears, the production isn’t bad, but there’s just way too much Lana Del Rey—and her dicey vocal stylings—on the track. Things improve about halfway through when MK starts chopping her phrasings into somewhat more digestible bits, but it’s too little, too late. Granted, the mix is tabbed as “MK’s Darkest Mix,” which perhaps means that one of his signature dub mixes is stuck sitting on a hard drive somewhere. If it exists, maybe that would be worth a spin… maybe.