Ringgo Ancheta (a.k.a. Mndsgn) has a new album on the way via Stones Throw.

The album, titled Snaxx, is the second in the Snax series—the first was a tape of remixes self-released last year—which, as the name implies, are collections of “snacks,” tracks that might normally collect dust on a hard drive in between studio albums. “Albums should be proper meals,” Ringgo explains, “but every now and then a snack can really hold you over.” Although it hasn’t been officially announced, the press release implies Snaxx will precede an upcoming studio album.

Snaxx will drop on June 14 and can be pre-ordered here with the first single, “Deviled Eggs,” streaming in full below.


1. Comethru

2. Spreads

3. Papayaberry

4. Hydration Station

5. Browneez

6. Sumdim

7. Over Ez

8. Deviled Eggs 02:25 

9. Cashoos

10. Slappppp

11. Chips feat. Jon Bap

12. Unnecessary

13. Snaxx w U feat. Asal Hazel

14. Ggardenn feat. Pink Siifu