Mndsgn’s 2013 EP bed is getting a first-time vinyl pressing with the Los Angeles-based artists’ Mndsgn Limited imprint. The exclusive Vinyl Me, Please magenta 12″ version is available for pre-order for members and all pressings will come with the original artwork from Deleon.

Mastered by Jonwayne and featuring Anna Wise on vocals, the EP is from the era of Mndsgn’s career right before he signed to Stones Throw and embodies many works he would soon release with them. Mndsgn, real name Ringgo Ancheta, first released the EP on cassette but it has long been sold out in that format.

In February of this year, Mndsgn ran a first-time LP pressing of 2013 album ObliqueKitchn on Mndsgn Limited. He also pressed up 2011’s NoMaps for a first vinyl run in October of last year.


01. laps
02. try this peppermint soap
03. Bed
04. on (paralysis)
05. betweens
06. look at your face
07. legwarmrs
08. g ‘maury (heavenly)

Order a 12″ magenta copy of bed from Vinyl Me, Please here, or grab a regular pressing from Fat Beats here, if you don’t have a membership with VMP. Meanwhile, stream “try this peppermint soap” below: