MNDSGN (pronounced “mind design”) is the project of producer/vocalist Ringgo Ancheta, who has his latest full-length, Bodywash, dropping September 16 on Stones Throw Records.

Like his brother-in-beats Knxwledge, MNDSGN represents a new wave of Stones Throw visionaries offering soulful, funky and left-field soundscapes live and direct from Los Angeles.

On Bodywash, MNDSGN was inspired by early SOLAR records like Leon Sylvers III, Kashif, and Dave Grusin, all artists that MNDSGN says, “really embodied that potent feeling in the early ’80s boogie/funk/soul/jazz/fusion wave.” He adds, “I was also digging back into some early ’90s R&B sounds and started really imagining what it would be like if I had mashed the two eras together.”

More prominently featured on Bodywash than MNDSGN’s previous releases are his own vocals, which are front and center on the lead single “Cosmic Perspective” and throughout the LP.


01. Overture
02. Cosmic Perspective
03. Tha Origin (Interlude)
04. Alluptoyou
05. Ya Own Way
06. Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)
07. Enter Her Adobe (Interlude)
08. Vague / Recalibrate
09. Transmissionnn
10. Prelude 2 Purification
11. Lather
12. Where Ever U R
13. Searchin I (4 That Familiar Feelin)
14. Searchin II (4 Sumthn New)
15. Searchin III (4 Nothin Else)
16. Guess It’s All Over

Bodywash is scheduled for September 16 release on Stones Throw Records, with “Cosmic Perspective” streamable in full below.