Detroit techno kingpin Juan Atkins’ Model 500 project has been dormant for about 11 years now, but has recently reformed along with Underground Resistance‘s “Mad” Mike Banks, DJ Skurge, and Mark Taylor as a sort of super-group. The outfit has come together for some live shows, and is now set to release its first material since 1999’s Mind and Body, a three-track EP to be released in September on R&S. There are clips available of the two original tracks on the release, “OFI” and “Huesca,” on the R&S MySpace page, and a remix of “OFI” by Mike Banks will finish out the EP. (via FACT)

In other Detroit-related news, music-making jack of all trades Alan Oldham met up with Resident Advisor scribe Finn Johansen in Berlin to listen and talk about some choice pieces of vinyl. The conversations go well beyond the actual music itself, as Oldham talks about some of his early influences, his work as DJ T-1000 and Inside, his illustrations, and his experiences in the Detroit techno world. You can read that lengthy Q&A here.