After years of running the imprint as an unofficial white label series, bass-loving German duo Modeselektor has spent the past year bringing its 50Weapons label into the light, impressively doing so without sacrificing the quality of its output. Recent months have seen releases from the likes of Bok Bok, Cosmin TRG, Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, and FaltyDL. Previously available only as singles, on July 15 the best of the bunch will be made available as part of a new compilation album, 50 Weapons of Choice #10-19. The 10-track release will also feature contributions from Anstam, Phon.o, and HumanLeft. The artwork is above and the complete tracklisting is below.

01 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Creeper”
02 Phon.o “IL62”
03 Benjamin Damage “Zeppelin”
04 Cosmin TRG “Izolat”
05 Anstam “Albert”
06 Modeselektor “Art & Cash – Bok Bok Remix”
07 Falty DL “Large Flash”
08 HumanLeft “Arnaud & Bernard”
09 Cosmin TRG “Separat”
10 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Infamous”