The concept is simple. Ask a bunch of known and unknown deejays to record a mix, then have them describe their reasons and methods. Thus, Modyfier music and art blog’s Process series was born. On Monday November 5, the series reached its 50th DJ mix contribution, a set by Hamburg, Germany’s Drei Farben House (pictured above). Previous contributors have included Kompkt artist Popnoname, German duo Exercise One, Montreal’s Pheek, LA’s [a]pendics.shuffle, Get Physical singer Chelonis R. Jones, and XLR8R Bubble Metropolis scribe M.L. Tronik. (Full disclosure: The author has participated in this series.)

DJ mixes run as long as an hour and as short as fifteen minutes, some with tracklistings and others with merely set titles. The artists’ self-penned written commentary is either fantastically detailed, or plainly in let-the-music-speak-for-itself mode. The Process series is but one aspect of this wholly remarkable web portal.

The Modyfier dame (we’re respecting her wish for anonymity) features her intricate, mystifying pencil drawings alongside written posts (often with accompanying downloads). Her artwork has been featured on Kupei Musika releases and embodies naturalistic, architectural landscapes. Although Modyfier blog may be a hobby for this San Francisco enthusiast, her aesthetic tastes and presentation are peerless. She even invites the listener to reconsider preconceptions about music itself.

“Thoughts about defining how music comes to me, the ebb and flow of sounds,” Modyfier states in her site manifesto. “Thoughts about remembering how to listen…about how music steps across genrifications to be about the everyday, the mundane, the routine.” Her philosophical tangents are extended throughout each post where, thinking aloud, Modyfier works through her ideas.

In a post titled “Rigor”, she muses, “I wonder about isolating ‘feeling’ all on its own, without comparison (see: a duck, a taxi, a school bus–how many shades of yellow?). However, I find this hurts my head and prefer, in the end, to let my emotions seesaw between my experience (doing things) and awareness (observing things), phenomenology aside.” Her writing is often the perfect compliment to the site’s minimal tech offerings, and vice-versa.

And if expertly chosen exclusive DJ sets weren’t enough to draw you in, the site’s extensive record label, MP3-blog, distribution, concert, and streaming mix link section is ridiculously hefty. Now, are you ready to be Modyfied?