Now that post-rock veterans Mogwai are practically a household name, it makes sense these five instrumental noisemakers and longtime football fans from Glasgow have pushed their music beyond the confines of the indie pigeonhole and scored the film Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait.

After receiving a heaping amount of acclaim at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, the soundtrack is likely to open up even more doors for the band. Unlike most sports documentaries, Zidane documents an entire match, a 2005’ game between Real Madrid vs. Villarreal. Rather than focusing on the ball and its subsequent foot action, directors Dennis Dordan and Philippe Parreno instead chose to follow French football hero Zinédine Zidane with 17 synchronized cameras (that’s 92 minutes of footage of one dude).

Mogwai went straight into soundtrack mode after releasing 2006’s Mr. Beast (two of the tracks from that album were featured in the recent Miami Vice film). Best known for its epic, highly moody atmospherics, the band seems a perfect match for a film that goes beyond basic sport-film conventions. Parreno states that, “Mogwai produces sound clouds–the type of music that carries the promise of narration. The toughness of its music–tense rock with guitar interference–goes well with the film. They are real football fans, so they immediately understood our project and they gave it their all.”

Set for release in the US through Fontana Distribution, the film should have football maniacs and cinematic music lovers simultaneously in heaven.