Moiré‘s sophomore LP, No Future, will drop on Ghostly International on February 17.

Following his brilliant 2014 debut, Shelter—released via Werk Discs and Ninja Tune—No Future features guest spots from MC DRS and James Massiah and is a statement on our current societal climate and the implications of the growing hateful path outlined by recent political events, as he explains:

“It’s not just about the West, either,” explains the London-based producer. “It’s the way the whole world thinks. It’s almost like we’re in this mad cycle. In a way, we have no choice—we either adapt to the situation or we’re dead. That’s it.”

With the album approaching, and a fresh Dekmantel mix out in the internet ether, Moiré has shared a new single and its video. “Jupiter” contains all of the hallmarks that make Moiré’s music exhilirating—namely, warped rhythms, inspired sampling, and hazy synths.

You can stream both “Jupiter” and Moiré’s Dekmantel mix in full below.