Photo: The1Point8

Mono/Poly (a.k.a Charles Dickerson) has shared “Easy Living,” taken from his forthcoming album, Monotomic, out September 13. The slow-burning, psychedelic single features vocals from Kimbra and bass from Thundercat. 

Brimming with glitchy experimental beats, atmospheric hum, and unexpected melodies, Monotomic is arguably Mono/Poly’s most accessible effort yet. It features Kaytranada, Thundercat, Kimbra, and Alyss, among others, and is described as a “new chapter” in Mono/Poly’s experimental, interstellar world.

The beginnings of “Easy Living” formed five years ago, and morphed as Thundercat contributed his funky bass over the original beat, and then again when Kimbra offered her vocals. 

Says Charles: “I swear it was as if Thundercat turned into pure energy while playing here, very psychedelic. After he recorded, I knew Kimbra could do the high-range vocals I imagined on it, and then the track evolved into a new form while putting together this album, and I’m very pleased with the result.” 

Kimbra adds: “Charles sent me the track and I immediately connected to it. The track bed was so dreamy and evocative but when the drums drop it had a real toughness. It reminded me of being woken out of a dream state and the way we can live our whole lives in a daze. I feel like the song reflects a relationship or life that has become stagnated. We try to cover up our struggles with pleasure and ‘easy living’ instead of confronting our lives head on. Escapism is such a human urge and I wanted to explore both the beauty of that place and the ways we can get stuck. I loved the chance to get really experimental with the vocals.”

Mono/Poly has become a staple in the electronic music community over the last 10 years. Known for his interstellar, synth-driven, and textured experimental electronic music, he is inspired by everything from ambient to acid house, G-funk, and R&B. He has previously released music independently, as well as with Brainfeeder and Warp Records, among others. 

“Easy Living” ft Kimbra is out now, with Monotomic coming on September 13. 


01. When I’m Comin For Ya

02. Easy Living Ft Kimbra

03. Hell Is In

04. Your Mind

05. Low End Theory

06. Psychedelic Sasquatch

07. Dive Out

08. Vision Quest Ft Alyss

09. Audio Dope

10. Sage Ft Mean Bacharach

11. I’m Lit Like Fire

12. Close Your Eyes & Shut Your Mouth Ft Alyss

13. Praise Be To The Sun Absolute