Yves Jarvis will release Sundry Rock Song Stock, his new album, in September.

Sundry Rock Song Stock is the second album that the Montreal-based musician, real name Jean-Sebastian Audet, has released as Yves Jarvis. It follows The Same But By Different Means, released in March 2019. His previous work, which includes three albums, came out as Un Blonde.

Each of Audet’s albums is informed and driven by a colour; it is both a visual and thematic palette that reflects and refracts intentions. Whereas 2017’s Good Will Come To You was yellow and The Same But By Different Means was blue, Sundry Rock Song Stock is green, judging by the artwork, although there’s indication of what this means sonically.

Once again, Audet not only painted the self-portrait that is the album’s cover but he also personally played all instruments that are heard on the album. It features 10 tracks and comes via ANTI- and Flemish Eye, from Calgary, Canada.

Speaking broadly, Audet’s work is haunting yet inviting, blending careful folk-noir with tender R&B flourishes, pillowy vocal beds, and a punkish ambivalence.


01. Epitome
02. In Every Mountain
03. For Props
04. Ambrosia
05. Emerald
06. Victim
07. Semula
08. Notch In Your Belt
09. Emblem
10. Fact Almighty

Sundry Rock Song Stock LP is available on September 25. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “For Props” and “Victim” in full below.