Mood Hut has revealed its next release.

The next EP on the Vancouver-based imprint is an untitled five-tracker by Neo Image—the first full solo release from Chad Thiessen’s alias. It’s a name that has popped up before, on the second volume of Pacific Rhythm‘s VA series. Followers of the Canadian labels will also know Thiessen for his work as part of Aquarian Foundation and Kinetic Electronix (the group behind a recent Mood Hut double pack).

According to the imprint, MH017 has been “percolating for a while now in the hard drives of the Hut.” Judging by the snippets, listeners can expect hazy, dusty house grooves alongside some ambient numbers too.

MH017 will be released soon. Stream snippets below.


A1. Winskill Dub
A2. Duckberg
B1. Positive Pressure
B2. Crystal Pool
B3. 4B (Dab Mix)