Vancouver’s Mood Hut crew has teamed up with Snaker, a Tokyo-based outlet geared toward releasing music for film, television, radio, and other types of media. As Resident Advisor reports, Pender Street Steppers’ Liam Butler and Jack Jutson handle opener “Love Festival,” while further contributions come from Hashman Deejay, Neo Image, Local Artist, and more. The news arrives shortly after the announcement of a forthcoming Disco Mantras LP on the imprint.

Before SNAKER 007 lands in April, get a taste of the record (and view its complete tracklist) below.

A1 Love Festival
A2 Rain Dance
A3 Spicy Dream
A4 Crunchin
A5 Infinity
B1 Late Mantra
B2 Lunar Milk
B3 Heaven 9
B5 Peace Out