Renowned synthesizer designer Moog has revealed plans to recommence manufacturing three of its most legendary large-format modular synthesizers—the System 55 (pictured above), the System 35 and the Model 15—which were originally designed and built by the company in 1973.

“Working from the 1970s schematics, the System 55, the System 35, and the Model 15 will be meticulously handcrafted, as a true recreation of the original,” a press release explains. “The modules are built from the original circuit board films—just as they were in 1973—by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods,” it continues. “The front panels are photo-etched aluminum, a classic process rarely still used in today’s synthesizer manufacturing, to maintain the classic and durable look of vintage Moog modules.” Essentially, it seems the company aims to faithfully recreate the massive (in both sound and size) modular units which first helped launch the company to the esteemed status is currently holds. Still, it should be noted that the new editions of the System 55, the System 35, and the Model 15 will be restricted to limited runs (55 units of the 55, 35 units of the 35, and 150 units of the Model 15) and come at a considerably lofty price point, with the cheapest of the bunch (the Model 15) retailing for $10,000, while the System 35 and 55 are set to cost $22,000 and $35,000, respectively.

For those interested in perusing (and likely drooling) over the full specs of Moog’s revived trio of classic modular synthesizers, more information can be found here. In addition, Moog has produced a short film which discusses the history of the modular synth in modern music; entitled Back to the Future Sounds, the film can be watched in full below.