Minimal techno pioneer Moritz Von Oswald has been steadily continuing his adventurous outings with his electro-acoustic ensemble, the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, since its first LP, Vertical Ascent appeared in 2009. Despite adding two members to the group in the form of double bassist Marc Muellbauer (of ECM lineage) and guitarist Paul St. Hilaire (better known as Tikiman and a contributing member of Rhythm & Sound), the original trio of Oswald, Max Loderbauer, and Sasu Ripatti are not updating the name, preferring to still refer to the now five-piece ensemble as a trio on its latest full-length, Horizontal Structures. This, the trio’s thrid LP, finds Oswald leading his cohorts through songs of rich sonic aesthetics where electronic and acoustic sound sources are melded together, at times becoming completely indistinguishable from each other in a most fascinating way. The four-track album (which comes with a digital-only fifth track) is currently available from London’s distinguished record store/label Honest Jon’s (which we profiled in our November/December issue) and will then see a full release in two weeks. You can check out the album artwork and tracklist below and head over to the Honest Jon’s site to hear a preview of the record as well. (via FACT)

1. Horizontal Structure 1
2. Horizontal Structure 2
3. Horizontal Structure 3
4. Horizontal Structure 4
5. Horizontal Structure 5

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