Moritz von Oswald is back with Dissent, a new album that explores the scope of jazz and dance music within abstracted electronic music.

For Dissent, the German producer and percussionist is joined by American artist Laurel Halo and jazz drummer Heinrich Köbberling to form Moritz von Oswald Trio. It’s an alias von Oswald last used in 2015 for the Sounding Lines LP, the group’s first album after Vladislav Delay was replaced by Tony Allen. (As usual, it featured Max Loderbauer.) As ever with albums from the Moritz von Oswald Trio, Dissent, recorded during November and December 2020 in Berlin, emerged from a series of long extended jams that were then edited down.

Through the album, the group exposes an experimental sound world, improvising over grooves and embedded effects. “These performances intimate trust and understanding between the musicians, as each pushes and pulls the others, resulting in fantastically compelling compositions,” we’re told.

In April, Halo released her Possessed score, available now released via The Vinyl Factory.


01. Preface
02. Chapter 1
03. Chapter 2
04. Chapter 3
05. Chapter 4
06. Chapter 5
07. Chapter 6
08. Chapter 7
09. Chapter 8
10. Chapter 9
11. Chapter 10
12. Epilogue

Dissent LP is scheduled for August 6 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Chapter 4” below and pre-order here.