Dutch imprint MOS has announced plans to release the debut solo album from Ike Release next month. Perhaps best known for his collaborative work alongside Hakim Murphy under the Innerspace Halflife guise, which has been issued via respected outlets such as Latency and Skudge White, the DJ/producer is no stranger to the label that released his Dream Sequencer EP last year. Now the imprint is offering a more substantial collection in the form of Noir, a 10-track LP that finds the Chicago native exploring “deep, textural house” and “ramshackle percussive grooves” made using a combination of field recordings and hardware.

No previews are available as yet, but the tracklist and artwork are available below ahead of its release on November 17.

a1. Lost Cities
a2. Precipitate
b1. Vapor
b2. Solace
b3. Faded
c1. Fallen
c2. Marant
c3. Uprise
d1. Noir
d2. Sierra