Mercurial London DJ/producer Mosca has been coasting on the release of his A Thousand Years’ Wait EP since it dropped back in October, though word of his next record has finally arrived. Later next month, he’ll launch his own label with a two-track 12″ of moody house music. Not So Much is a project that Mosca has had in mind for a while, and plans to issue music from both the label head and other artists—sounds he describes as “underground house, techno, and the rest, stuff with darkness and sexiness.” Its first record, the No Splice No Playback EP, will feature a-side cut “Suckle (Twenties)” (said to “work in warehouses”), with “Vinny (Flamingo)” (“a basement thing”) on the flip, all of which will arrive on vinyl on April 28 and digital formats on June 2. Before Mosca’s new label launches with his two-track 12″, both of its tunes can be previewed in the player below.