Toronto’s Last Gang imprint garnered attention from the music world with releases by Death from Above 1979, Metric, and Tiga. Now the label sits once again in the spotlight, with the re-release of Touch Up, the debut album from Vancouver’s five-piece math poppers Mother Mother.

The band could easily site freak folk and country as influences, but three vocalists with a penchant for whimpering child-like sounds also keep one foot rooted in a cinematic, indie world. As to the congruity between the group and Last Gang’s larger artists, the theme seems to be Canadian.

Following appearances at the Vancouver and Montreal International Jazz Festivals, the Pop Montreal Festival, and a healthy dose of Canadian press, Last Gang discovered the group at a showcase and quickly signed them. Mother Mother’s first release on the label is actually facelift of its self-released first record, which means Last Gang is supplying new artwork and the band is supplying two new tracks. The band will make their first appearance in the States at South By Southwest.

Touch Up is out May 8, 2007 on Last Gang.

1. Dirty Town
2. Polynesia
3. Angry Sea
4. Oh Ana
5. Legs Away
6. Love and Truth
7. Train of Thought
8. Verbatim
9. Neighbor
10. Ball Cap
11. Tic Toc
12. Touch Up
13. Little Hands