The word “dark” gets thrown around as loosely as “deep,” and “lush,” and we’re sick of it. When a truly dark act like Motor comes around, what term do you affix to their name? Super-dark? Spooky? Hell, no.

Motor is the definitive dark electro duo–, and last year’s Klunk (Novamute) was proof– gaining them infamy for their gritty, sheen-heavy techno. The U.K. producers-on-the-rise get even more chaotic with their follow-up, Unhuman: a stark, metallic sledgehammer of harsh synth lines and scattered tech-percussion destined to join industrial kids and techno enthusiasts at the hip.

Releasing the first single, “Bleep #1,” (featuring the Whitey Clean Machine’s Mix), Mr. No and Bryan Black reintroduce the world to their lust for sharp, industrial sounds. The rest of Unhuman is no exception, keeping pace with the same anthemic vocal howling and percussive minimalism that’s made Skinny Puppy and Sisters of Mercy top-shelf DJ burners.

The duo has already toured extensively with warlords (and bros) Nitzer Ebb and played landmark venues and fests like London’s Fabric and I Love Techno (with acts like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk). Add that to their slate of remixes for Throbbing Gristle, Marilyn Manson, and Depeche Mode, and then the word “dark” is truly applicable.

Unhuman is out May 22 on Mute.