Mount Kimbie have a new album on the way, titled Love What Survives.

Love What Survives will be Kai Campos and Dominic Maker’s third LP, and their first since 2013’s Cold Spring Fault Less Youth LP—also for Warp. It is the product of three years of “intense creative development,” continually honed by the duo writing and rewriting their ideas to form something “wholly idiosyncratic and personal.” According to the label, the record’’s expansive nature is indebted to the fact it was made between London where Kai Campos resides and Los Angeles where Dom Maker moved in 2016. The duo would travel back and forth to work together, cultivating ideas in intensive sessions. For Maker, putting down roots in a foreign city with its cultural differences and geographical vastness was alienating at first but it gave fresh perspective and inspiration.

The album features collaborations with King Krule, Micachu, Andrea Balency, and James Blake—one of which, “We Go Home Together,” surfaced back in April.


01. Four Years And One Day
02. Blue Train Lines feat. King Krule
03. Audition
04. Marilyn feat. Micachu
05. SP12 Beat
06. You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure) feat. Andrea Balency
07. Poison
08. We Go Home Together feat. James Blake
09. Delta
10. T.A.M.E.D
11. How We Got By feat. James Blake

Love What Survives LP is scheduled for September 8 release, with “Blue Train Lines” (ft. King Krule) streamable in full above.