The two fellas of UK- (enter whichever genre title you wish here) outfit Mount Kimbie, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, are mere weeks from releasing their long-awaited debut full-length album for Hotflush, Crooks & Lovers. Yesterday, we got a taste of that upcoming record with the song “Field,” and now comes news of what the duo will be doing pre- and post-album release. Kicking off July 5, Mount Kimbie will be hitting the roads of Italy, Germany, and their surrounding regions for a handful of dates at music festivals and in support of UK electronic-pop crooners The xx. Check out the full list of dates below.

05. Jul 2010 Alcatraz/ Milan, ITALY – The xx support
06. Jul 2010 Cavea-Auditorium Parco della Musica/ Rome, ITALY – The xx support
09. Jul 2010 Berghain/ Berlin, GERMANY
11. Jul 2010 Golden Pudel/ Hamburg, GERMANY
22. Jul 2010 10 Days Off/ Ghent, BELGIUM
24. Jul 2010 Centre Pompidou/ Metz, FRANCE
31. Jul 2010 Field Day/ London, UK

13. Aug 2010 Recyclart/ Brussels, BELGIUM
14. Aug 2010 Satta Outside Festival/ LITHUANIA
21. Aug 2010 Strom Festival/ Copenhagen, DENMARK
26. Aug 20101 E-Werk/ Koln, GERMANY – The xx support
27. Aug 2010 Tonhalle/ Munich, GERMANY – The xx support

10. Sep 2010 Bestival (date TBC)/ Isle of Wight, UK
18. Sep 2010 Numusic/ Oslo, NORWAY

15. Oct 2010 Iceland Airwaves/ Airwaves Festival, ICELAND
24. Oct 2010 Unsound festival/ Krakow, POLAND