The collaborative project between German DJ/producer David Moufang (a.k.a. Move D) and San Francisco artist Jonah Sharp (a.k.a. Spacetime Continuum), Reagenz will release its third full-length effort, The Periodic Table, via The Bunker NY. Though not necessarily active at all times over the years, Reagenz is a collaboration that spans two decades, with the pair’s first release together appearing back in 1994.

Coming in November, the project’s third LP will take shape as a live album, with its six efforts having been recorded during the duo’s performance at The Bunker NY’s tenth anniversary party in January 2013. The resulting record is said to be “a testament to the power of live electronic music, its ability to transcend time, and remain, when delivered with skill and art, one of the most powerful live music experiences possible.” Furthermore, Moufang and Sharp are said to have used virtually the same gear which they utilized on their debut outing together, making use of a “Roland TR 909, Roland TR 606, Roland JX-3P, Roland SH101, Anyware Instruments TinySizer, Nord Micro Modular, Doepfer Dark Time, Akai MPC 1000, Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delay, and Moog MidiMurf” during the course of the recording.

Ahead of its release on November 11, Reagenz’s The Periodic Table can be previewed below; the forthcoming effort will serve as the first full-length record from Brooklyn party The Bunker NY’s fast-growing label arm.