World renowned vinyl DJ and collaborative producer Move D (a.k.a. David Moufang), and Jordan Czamanski, who is best known for his work alongside Gal Aner as Juju & Jordash, have banded together to release a recording of a live performance from Seattle, WA back in 2013.

During the middle of last year at an intimate space called 1927 Events, two-thirds of Magic Mountain High teamed up for a live performance, and the 99-minute Live In Seattle LP is the sterling result. Masters of dynamics, Moufang and Czamanski incrementally intensify and ingeniously arrange the elements, until you’re in a state of panic and ecstasy.

Live In Seattle will be released on double CD and single vinyl LP. The LP features two (15 – 17 minute) excerpts from the live set chosen by David and Jordan. The double CD is the entire 99-minute set, and the recording is also available as a digital release. You can pre-order the album over at the Further RecordsBandcamp, and you can preview the B-side of the vinyl right here on XLR8R