Following close behind the announcement that Gobstopper label head and Boxed club night co-founder Mr. Mitch would issue his Don’t Leave EP via Planet Mu, word has now surfaced that the London producer will also issue his debut long-player via the label later this year. As Juno Plus reports, the forthcoming effort is set to be entitled Parallel Memories in part because Mr. Mitch “sees the same vivid scenes in his head each time he replays the music, often repeated snapshots of his life in various impossible scenarios or distorted situations.” Parallel Memories is also set to include a single collaboration with Dark0, a fellow London producer who recently appeared with an EP on Mr. Mitch’s own Gobstopper label.

Composed of 11 instrumental grime tracks, the London artist’s debut album will land via Planet Mu on December 1. Ahead of its arrival, the artwork and full tracklist for Mr. Mitch’s Parallel Memories LP have been included below.

1. Afternoon After
2. The Night
3. Intense Faces
4. Don’t Leave
5. It Takes Hold Of You
5. Sweet Boy Code (ft Darko)
6. Wandering Glaciers
7. Feel (Don’t Ask)
8. Bullion
9. Denial
10. Fly Soup
11. Hot Air